Shimen Orange Festival

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    Shimen County has been blessed with its orange-producing region for more than six hundred years. The orange industry is the backbone of Shimen’s agriculture. Shimen was given the title of “the Biggest Fruit-output County of Hunan Province” in 1998, “the First Chinese Early-ripening Mandarin Orange County” in 2000 and “the Chinese Orange County” in 2001. To date, the Shimen Mandarin Orange has been exported far and wide, to Argentina, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Russia, North Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, and etc. With its consecutive 37-year perennial export of over 25,000 tons, Shimen has become the biggest production and export base of the early-ripening mandarin orange in China.
  Since 2001, Shimen has hosted “the Chinese Orange Festival” in October every year. The orange festivals showcase the world a special Shimen, and promote orange sales and Shimen’s economic development.