Lixian Grape Festival

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    Lixian County has a grape-planting area of 20,000 mu with an output of over 30,000 tons and an annual output value of more than 200 million Yuan. The average annual net income per mu from the 12,000-mu Vitis Vinifera (common grape vine) reaches over 10,000 Yuan.
  In order to boost the auxiliary grape industry, and to upgrade the added value, Lixian County has recently built the largest grape germplasm repository in China with more than 2000 varieties, a winery with an annual capacity of 3,000 tons, and a controlled atmosphere (CA) cold storage facility with a storage capacity of 500 tons. The Lixian Chengtoushan Grape Recreation Village, which occupies an area of 318 mu, is an organic combination of grape planting and sightseeing.
  The first grape festival was held in August 2006. It introduced the delicious Lixian grape to the world and premiered the agricultural brand “Lixian Grape”. Since then, the annual Lixian Grape Festival from mid-July to mid-August has attracted friends both from home and abroad to share in the delights of the tasty Lixian Grape.