Jiangbanya Duck (Changde Spicy Salted Duck)

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      “Jiangbanya duck” (Changde Spicy & Salted Duck), a local delicacy with a special flavor, is famous all over the country. This delicacy is eye-catching in color, chewy in meat quality, fragrant in sauce and savory in taste. It is highly nutritious, and also a good choice as a dish that goes with wine. It is not only a common local snack but also a specialty in a banquet.

  Jiangbanya Duck has been awarded various prizes, such as “the High-quality Product Award for the First Agricultural Expo of Hunan Province” in 1999, “the Golden Award of the First Food Fair of West China” in 2000, and “the Silver Award of the Second Agricultural Expo of Hunan Province”.

  Now some approved brands of Jiangbanya, including Jindan, Tongpanzi, Jinyuanyuan, Yangaizi, etc. are popular.