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The Maple Woods and the Flower Sea

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The Maple Woods and the Flower Sea is the national 4A scenic spot, which is located in Weihui Village of Maple Hui People and Uygur Town, Taoyuan County, Changde City, Hunan Province, covering an area of more than 1000 mu. It is the community with the largest population of Uygur nationality except the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the birthplace of the Uygur whose family name is Jian, and the former residence of Jian Bozan, the famous educator and historian.

After the Maple Woods and the Flower Sea opened to public in April 2014, its popularity and attention has soared. In December the same year it was assessed as the national 3A scenic spot. In order to upgrade it to become the national 4A scenic spot, it had a 9-month quality-improving transformation started on December 5th, 2017. In 2019, it became the national 4A scenic spot. There are 7 areas in the spot after transformation - the sight-seeing area, playground, agricultural experience area, Red (Party spirit) education area, Hui People and Uygur featured area, and research and development area.

The scenic attractions in the Maple Woods and the Flower Sea include: the Guard Post of Jian, the Grape Promenade, the Former Residence of Jian Bozan, the High-low Weir, the Tomb of General Ma Decheng, the Park of Folk Activities, Three-hole Liujia Bridge, Water Park, the Wall of 100 Jians, Show Love, the Point Set, the Jiande House, Rewap Square, the Goldfish Pond, the Orchards, the Modern Agriculture Sightseeing Garden, the Rainbow Slide, the Aerial Glass Slide, Bouncing Cloud Amusement Park, Tire Amusement Park, Research and Development Base, Parrot Amusement Park, Peacock Park, and the Old Mosque.


The Rainbow Slide


The Flower Sea


The Aerial Glass Slide


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