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Introduction to Huayanxi

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Huayanxi National Forest Park is a national 4A-level tourist attraction and a provincial-level nature reserve. It is located by the side of Xuefeng Mountain, 50 kilometers south of Changde City. It shares the same mountains and rivers with the famous Taohuayuan scenic spot, which is 19.2 kilometers away. It is formerly known as Changde County State-owned Forest Farm. In 1996, it was transformed and launched business in tourism development. The total area of the scenic spot is 75 square kilometers and there are fewer than 4,000 residents. It is composed of five scenic spots: the central area, Wuxi Lake, Longfeng Lake, Qifeng Mountain and Xianchi Mountain. With its beautiful lakes and mountains, unique “farmhouse” and hundreds of thousands of egrets inhabiting here, Huayanxi has attracted tourists from home and abroad for sightseeing, tourism and leisure. It enjoys the reputation of being “the hometown of egrets in China and the great leisure resort of Jiangnan characteristics”.


Huayanxi Scenery


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