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The Grand Canyon Scenic Area in Huping Mountain

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The Grand Canyon Scenic Area in Huping Mountain is located in Hupingshan Town, Shimen County, a characteristic tourist town in Hunan Province. It is 130 kilometers away from Shimen County and is a national AAA-level tourist attraction. The ecological environment in the scenic spot is excellent, with “Grand Canyon, Large Forest, and Magnificent Waterfall” as the main landscape features. Among them, Banqiao Waterfall is known as the “Huping Waterfall” and is one of the eight new Hunan’s scenic spots. The content of negative oxygen ions in the air in the scenic area is high up to 100,000 per cubic centimeter, as a natural “ecological green valley” and “forest oxygen bar”. The great poet Li Bai thought highly of it and left such beautiful lines Waterfall drops down in Huping, Peach blossoms fall into its cave. Luckily the virgin forest in the Huping Mountain area has not been hit by Quaternary glaciers, and has preserved a good ecological environment and a large quantity of precious relic plant communities. Several streams and rivers in the Grand Canyon descend from the source and drop nearly a kilometer to the gorge in torrents. The dynamic water scene is magnificent and beautiful all the way, making nearly a hundred waterfalls dazzling and attractive.


The Grand Canyon


The Grand Canyon Scenic Area in Huping Mountain

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