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Liuye Lake Tourism Resort 

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Fifty thousand years ago, the creation of nature formed today’s Liuye lake, the First City Lake in China, which is like a pearl shining in the west part of 800-li Dongting Lake.

Liuye Lake owns a 21.8-square-kilometer water area, possessing four-in-one leisure vacation resources of “mountain, water, garden and city”. Walking into Liuye Lake, people feel like stepping into “the sea in the city and a holiday paradise”. In 2010, it was rated as a national AAAA Tourist Scenic Spot. In 2013, it was rated as a national Water Conservancy Scenic Spot. In 2020, it was successfully established as a national tourist resort. Liuye Lake has many scenic spots, such as Happy Water World, Beach Park, Lake Scenery Belt, Baihe Tourism Town, Sports Ecological Park, Taiyangshan Forest Park, Vision Land, Sima Pavilion of Tang Dynasty, Daxiao River Street, German-style Town, Liuyi Delivering a Mail and Tang Dynasty Poems on the Landscape Wall, basically forming the development pattern of leisure tour of lakes, forests, cities, and villages, and becoming a tourist destination for many tourists.

The beautiful and dynamic Liuye Lake has been a blessed place in the hearts of literati since ancient times. Yang Sichang, chief minister to the Cabinet of the Late Ming Dynasty, Kuncan, great painter of the Qing Dynasty and Liu Fuji, the brain truster of the first Wuchang Uprising, had their hometown in Liuye Lake. For Liuye Lake’s amazing scenery, Yu Qiuyu, a contemporary Chinese writer, ever praised, “Owning Liuye Lake means a luxury to Changde people” and this luxury has offered joy and happiness to local people from ancient times to present day. Invigorated Liuye Lake has made Qu Yuan, Liu Yuxi and other ancient sages and literary giants linger a lot, leaving many well-known works. Beautiful legends originating from this place, such as “Liuhai cutting firewood” and “Chang’e flying to the moon”, are still disseminated among Chinese descendants.