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Jiashan Tourist Area

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Jiashan Tourist Area, 10km away from Shimen County, is a national 4A-level tourist attraction and a national model forest park plus a national key cultural relics protection unit. It also enjoys the title of international ecological recreational area. The forest coverage rate is 93.6%, and there are 204 kinds of plants, including Davidia involucrata, Fragrant fruit tree, Liriodendron tulipifera and other precious tree species. Jiashan has a profound historical and cultural background. It is the birthplace of the great book "Biyanlu", which is considered as "The First Canon of Zen" and the very origin of tea and Zen culture in the world. In here, Li Zicheng (1906-1645) gave up his military power and finally chose to follow the Buddhism. The Jiashan Tourist Area integrates a multiple tourism resources such as Biyan Zen Spring, and forest meditation, enjoying the reputation of "the original cause of tea and Zen Thoughts and the tea capital of China". There are a bunch of charming scenic spots in the park, including Jiashan Temple, Chuangwang (Li Zicheng) Mausoleum, Biyan Spring, Chancha Ancient Street, Tallinn, Yuxi Well, the Ink Pool, Foguang Pavilion, Zihe Temple, Savage Bay, Qingzhang Mountain, Taohua Mountain, etc. Since the opening of the park, many Party and state leaders have visited the park. At present, with the cultural conceptual positioning of "the original cause of tea and Zen Thoughts and the tea capital of China", the local people are making every effort to build a national 5A-level tourist attraction.