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Wuyunjie Huayuanli Ecotourism Resort

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Wuyunjie Huayuanli Ecotourism Resort is located in the experimental area of Wuyunjie National Nature Reserve in the south of Taoyuan County, Hunan Province, a National Nature Reserve approved by the State Council in February 2006. The company was established in July 2012. The nature reserve has a middle subtropical forest ecosystem with the largest existing area and relatively complete preservation in central China region. The forest coverage rate is 92.5%, rendering this area particularly fresh air, with negative oxygen ions reaching 106900 / cubic centimeter, known as the “natural oxygen bar”. It is also an important water source and nourishing land in Yuanjiang River Basin. Echoing Taohuayuan scenic spot from afar, it is an ecotourism resort with the functions of featured sightseeing, cultural experience, outdoor sports, ecological leisure, farming experience, waterfront vacation, etc. It was awarded “National Leisure Agricultural and Rural Tourism Demonstration Site” by the Ministry of Agriculture and National Tourism Administration, and was successfully established as “Hunan Ecotourism Demonstration Area” and “National 3A Tourist Attraction”.

Currently, Huayuanli Ecotourism Resort has successfully built five areas: the first is the entrance service area, mainly including the parking lot, tourist service center, ticket room, consulting service window and ticket checking area; the second is the flowers exploring area, mainly including the rose garden, crape myrtle garden, red bean fir forest area and ginkgo forest area; the third is the parents-children water play area, mainly including beach treasure seeking parents-children park and water drifting and playing area; the fourth is Wangjiawan reservoir, mainly seven fairy lake cruise boats; the fifth is the picking park, mainly including blueberry garden and loquat garden.

With its natural and beautiful pastoral scenery and profound history and culture, the park attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year for sightseeing and leisure vacation. It is known as the “Back garden of Changde City”.

Since its opening, this scenic spot has held many large-scale activities, such as “Rural Animation Festival”, “Thousands of People Crossing Wuyunjie”, “The First Rural Tourism Festival in Taoyuan”, cycling around the lake, large-scale mountaineering activities, and Blueberry Festival.