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Profile of Poetry Wall

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The Poetry Wall in Changde, China, as the carrier of Yuanjiang River Flood Control Dike in Changde urban area, is a large-scale cultural project which took more than ten years to complete. Changde Poetry Wall is four kilometers long and divided into eight chapters, i.e. “One Hundred Generations’ Vicissitudes of Life”, “Distinguished Sages’ Inscriptions”, “Beautiful Views in Wuling”, “Changde Cultural Relics and Folk Customs”, “Momentous Events in a Century and a Half”, “Famous Poems by Well-known Poets from Different Countries”, “Major Events Since Reform and Opening-up, “Eternal Masterpieces from the Pre-Qin Period to Qing Dynasty”, etc. On the Poetry Wall, 1,530 poems about Changde and famous Chinese and foreign poems from the Pre-Qin Dynasty were selected and inked by 1,213 calligraphers from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, among which 43 stone murals were inset. Contemporary poetry and painting circles have praised it as “Initiative of Renowned Nation” and “A Great Wall of Poetry Kingdom”.

Poetry Wall, with its world’s longest poem painting and calligraphy carving art wall, has entered World Guinness Record. It has also won the titles of “National Advanced Unit of Poetry Teaching”, “National Best Living Environment Model Award”, “Hunan New Xiaoxiang Eight Scenes” and other honors. Since 2003, Changde has held six poets’ festivals on the platform of Poetry Wall. Therefore, Changde was awarded the glorious title of the First City of Poetry in China by Chinese Poetry Society. In 2016, Poetry Wall was listed into “the Most Beautiful in China”. In 2017, it was ranked the first of “the Top Ten Poetic Landmarks in China”. In 2019, it was rated as the Excellent Social Science Popularization Base in Hunan Province. In 2020, it was rated as “the Civilized Scenic Tourism Area of Hunan Province”, and selected into the first batch of “Hunan Overseas Chinese Cultural Exchange Base” and demonstration sites for core socialist values construction in Hunan.


Flood-fighting Monument on Poetry Wall Site


Love-lock Bridge on Poetry Wall Site


Pen Rack City Wall on Poetry Wall Site

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