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How to Establish a Foreign-invested Enterprise in Changde?

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    If you are interested in establishing a foreign-invested enterprise in Changde, please make sure that you are eligible based on the following terms:

    1) The total investment shall be less than US $100 million, and the industry shall be encouraged and allowed by Catalogue for the Guidance of Industries for Foreign Investment;

    2) A copy of the valid passport verified by the Chinese Embassy (Consulate) (with the original passport checked) shall be provided;

    3) Application for the Name Pre-Approval for Foreign-Invested Enterprises has been submitted and approved by Changde Administration for Industry and Commerce;

    4) The registered capital and the proportion of the total investment shall be in line with the relevant provisions;

    5) The organization form for a joint venture shall be the limited liability company while the contract and contents of articles of association shall conform to the relevant statutory and regulatory requirements without contradiction between each other;

    6) There shall be no fixed investment return clause in the joint-venture contract.


    Here are some Relevant Materials that you are expected to submit:

    1) Project Application and its approval;

    2) Contract and articles of association and approvals;

    3) A list of board members and their delegating paper along with the resume of the chairman;

    4) Subject Qualification Certificate or Identity Certificate of the foreign investor notarized by his/her own country and legalized by Chinese Embassy (Consulate);

    5) Letter of Authorization for Service of Legal Documents;

    6) Credibility Letter;

    7) A copy of Application for the Name Pre-Approval for Foreign-Invested Enterprises;

    8) A copy of Pre-assigned Organization Code Certificate;

    9) Official reply of Environmental Impact Assessment Document;

    10) Approval of Planning Department and Land Department;

    11) Approval of competent authorities for special industry (if so);

    12) The Letter of Authorization (Power of Attorney) (if any);

    13) Other necessary materials according to approval authorities.


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