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How to Contact the Police When Witnessing Criminal and/or Security Matters

Source:常德政府网 Date:2020-11-16 11:26:20 【Fonts:Small Big

  Dial 110 promptly if witnessing criminal and/or security matters, especially those which may cause danger to public safety and personal property, or which may disrupt normal public work, study and living.


  If witnessing such criminal activity as fighting, theft, robbery, rape and murder, dial 110 immediately. If it is impossible to dial 110 immediately, dial it immediately after the criminal suspects have been brought under control, apprehended or you have escaped from the danger involved.

  Dial 110 in such cases as drowning, falling from heights, suicide; the loss of the elderly, children or mental patients; if the public are in danger or at risk; or public utilities such as water, electricity, gas or heat are threatened or in danger.


  Dialing 110 is free of charge. You can dial it from any local landline or mobile. If you are calling from another city, you should add the city code in front of 110 when dialling.

  When calling 110, you should inform the operator of the time and location of the case being reported, your name and your contact details. If you cannot identify the location, please provide names of distinct surrounding buildings, such as a large concourse, bus station or institution

  After reporting, do not disturb the crime scene as this will hinder the police investigation.

  Minors should protect themselves from criminals and not confront them directly but call for adult help.