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How to Contact the Fire Emergency Service Center

Source:常德政府网 Date:2020-11-16 11:25:09 【Fonts:Small Big

119 is the telephone number of the fire emergency service center.


  When calling 119, you should inform the operator of the direction of the fire. If you cannot identify the location, please provide names of distinct surrounding buildings, such as a large concourse, bus station or institution.

  State clearly the condition of the fire and its location, the material on fire, the size of the fire and whether anybody is trapped and at risk from burning; at the same time send people to wait for the fire engines at major junctions to direct them to the scene.

  Try to extinguish the fire before the fire engines arrive at the scene, so as to avoid the fire spreading. Take great care when fighting the fire.


  Dialing 119 is free of charge. You can dial it from any local landline or mobile. If you are in another city, you should add the city code in front of 120 when dialing. 119 is also the emergency number for other rescue work involving disasters or accidents, including dangerous chemical leakage, floods, typhoons, earthquakes and other natural disasters; air crashes and major incidents; building collapse; terrorist attacks and other unexpected incidents; or when the general public is threatened or at risk in some way.

  Methods of using fire extinguishers:  portable dry powder fire extinguisher is suitable for fighting fires of oil, combustible gas and electrical equipment. When using it, break the security tag first, and then use one hand to hold the nozzle and aim at the source of fire, and another hand to pull the ring. Portable foam fire extinguishers are suitable for fighting small oil fires, and other general fires. When using it, hold the fire extinguisher and lift it to face the scene stably and quickly. When extinguishing the fire, hold the tube body, point the nozzle at the fire, shake it several times. Portable carbon dioxide fire extinguishers are suitable for fighting fires involving precision instruments, electronic equipment and appliances below 600 volts. When using it, hold the handle of the spray-duct in one hand, break the lead seal with another hand, rotate the hand wheel in a counterclockwise direction, open the switch and carbon dioxide gas will be emitted.