Vice Mayor Chen Zhangjie

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Current Position

Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Changde Municipal Committee,

Vice Mayor of Changde Municipal People’s Government

Division of Labor

To be responsible for work related to civil affairs, water conservancy, agriculture, rural revitalization, forestry, supply and marketing, hydrology and meteorology, river-sand mining and sand& gravel market regulation.

To be in charge of Changde Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, Changde Municipal Water Conservancy Bureau, Changde Municipal Bureau of Agricultural and Rural Affairs, Changde Municipal Rural Revitalization Bureau,Changde Municipal Forestry Bureau and Changde Municipal Supply and Marketing Cooperative.

To liaise with West Lake Administrative Area and West Dongting Administrative Area.

To liaise with Changde Municipal Disabled Persons' Federation.

To liaise with Changde Municipal Hydrological Bureau, Changde Municipal Meteorological Bureau, Hunan Institute of Cotton Science and Hejiashan Foundation Seed Farm.

To liaise with Changde Branch of the Democratic Progressive Party.


Chen Zhangjie, male, Han nationality, was born in April, 1980. He obtains a master’s degree and is a member of the CPC.