Vice Mayor Xu Yongjian

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Vice Mayor Xu Yongjian

Current Position

Member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Executive Vice Mayor of the Municipal People’s Government

Division of Labor

To be responsible for work related to Changde Municipal Government, development and reform (food and material reserves), human resources and social security, safe production, emergency management, statistics, administrative examination and approval services, office affairs management, public resource transaction, housing fund management, business environment optimization, work related to armed forces, archives, confidentiality and local chronicles.

To be in charge of Office of Changde Municipal Government, Changde Municipal Development and Reform Commission (Changde Municipal Food and Reserve Bureau), Changde Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Changde Municipal Emergency Response Bureau, Changde Municipal Statistics Bureau, Changde Municipal Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau, Changde Municipal Office Affairs Bureau, Changde Municipal Public Resources Trading Center and Changde Municipal Housing Fund Center.

To liaise with Liuye Lake Tourist Resort, the Standing Committee of Changde Municipal Pecople’s Congress, the Municipal Committee of CPPCC, Changde Military Sub-district, Changde Municipal Supervision Commission, Changde Municipal Intermediate People’s Court, Changde Municipal People’s Procuratorate, Changde Municipal Archives Bureau, Changde Security Administration Bureau, Changde Municipal Local Chronicle Compilation Office, Changde Municipal Fire Department, Changde Investigation Branch of National Bureau of Statistics, and Changde Branch of the Revolutionary Committee of the Chinese Kuomingdang. 


Xu Yongjian, female, Han nationality, born in September 1972, holds a doctoral degree and is a member of CPC.