How to purchase a house in Changde?

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Attractive as Changde, you may want to stay put. If so, here are some TIPS for you as reference:

    Procedures you may go through:

    1. The buyer and the seller shall sign sales contract;

    2. The buyer shall go to Foreign Affairs Office for approval;

    3. The buyer and the seller shall submit relevant materials to transfer ownership;

    4. The buyer and the seller shall go through the procedure to transfer ownership;

    5. The buyer gets the property ownership certificate.

    Relevant Materials that you are expected to submit:

    1. Your identification documents, i.e., valid passport and foreigner’s residence permit. (A copy of passport translation in Chinese notarized by Chinese notary office shall be provided in case that foreigner’s residence permit is absent.);

    2. Documents proving that you have been working or studying in China for full 365 days, not accounting temporary absence, i.e., your labor contract or visa for one year.

    3. If you want to purchase a first-hand house, you shall provide:

    1) If there are two or more obligees applying, joint application shall be submitted; if the obligee applying is not with full capacity of conduct, then, guardianship certificate and a copy of guardian’s identification (or valid passport) shall be submitted;

    2) Approval of Foreign Affairs Office;

    3) Building Area and Land Area Survey Report;

    4. If you want to purchase a second-hand house, you shall provide: 

    1) The notarial certificate for sales contract;

    2) Approval of Foreign Affairs Office;

    3) House Appraisal Report;

    4) Building Area and Land Area Survey Report.

    5. If you want to purchase a house on loan, you shall provide:

    1) Identification documents;

    2) Down payment certificate;

    3) Income certificate, academic certificate and credit certificate;

    4) Marriage certificate (marriage license or single status certificate); if one spouse entrusts the other one to deal with the loan, therefore, Power of Attorney notarized by Chinese Embassy (Consulate) shall be provided.

    PS. If you entrust somebody else to purchase the house, Power of Attorney shall be notarized, wherein the scope and term of authority shall be expressly defined in case of any possible loss.

    All the above are conditions you are supposed to meet to purchase a house in Changde, afterwards, you can go to Changde Real Estate Administrative Bureau for your property ownership certificate. 

Hope you can find it useful!

    Address: Changde Real Estate Administrative Bureau, NO. 438 Yucai Road, Changde, Hunan, P.R.C.

    Bus lines: Take Changde Bus No. 33, and get off at Aier Ophthalmology Stop.

    Office hours: Monday through Friday (except for official holidays), 8:00-12:00 a.m., 14:30-17:30 p.m.

    Consulting phone number: 0736-7203060