My Hometown Story—Photography Series Issue II

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-10-11 09:45:18 【Fonts:Small Big


At about 19:00 on October 2, at sunset, the Changdekale Planet buildings were painted in Phnom Penh by the setting sun. The roller coaster, big pendulum and pirate ship were reflected on the lake with excited screams, and the visitors seemed to enter a dream world. In order to welcome the National Day holiday, Changde Kale Planet provided citizens with a sumptuous cultural and tourism feast. Rainbow Run, Fluorescent Run, Fluorescent Party, Guoman Parade and other activities were overwhelmed, and the park became an ocean of joy.


At 18:00 on October 3, the east side of Deshan Bridge on the Bund of Deshan. On the way back to the hometown, the beautiful scenery of Yuanjiang River is up-to-date. The sun flies outside the river, and the sunset falls in the autumn. The beautiful Yuanjiang River with clear water and clean bank is fascinating.


On October 1, the setting sun poked its head out of the clouds and reflected the golden ripples on the Yuanjiang River. Between heaven and earth, the bright red five-star red flag fluttered in the wind.