Working Under Scorching Sun

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-08-15 08:40:30 【Fonts:Small Big

“Bus is the window of the city. We always keep the inside and outside of the bus clean and tidy, abide by the company’s safe driving rules, and make our own contributions to the striving for a civilized city.” In Changde Bus Company, the drivers of 53 bus lines provide the citizens with convenient, safe, civilized and high-quality services with perseverance and dedication day after day. These workers from different positions in the bus travel with the high temperature, compete with the sweltering heat, and stick to their jobs under the scorching sun. It serves thousands of passengers with sweat and provides a solid guarantee for the cool travel of citizens and passengers in the hot sun. They help create a civilized city with their actions and outline an ordinary and beautiful landscape in Changde City.