Earth Transportation Project in Changde Station under "Urgent" Construction

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-02-25 15:55:57 【Fonts:Small Big


On February 25, at the site of Lefu village, Guanxi Town, Dingcheng District, the earth borrow area is expected to exceed 300000


The motor car storage line of Changde station under construction is located in Zhugentan community, Nanping Street, Wuling district. The total length is about 924m, the average width is about 65m, and the total construction area is about 60000 square meters.

Following the official commencement of the earth borrowing project of the motor car storage line of Changde station, on February 25, China Railway Third Bureau is speeding up the construction period and actively carrying out the earth borrowing and transportation of the storage line in Lefu village, Guanxi Town, Dingcheng District.

Affected by weather factors, China Railway No. 3 Engineering Group Co., Ltd. is arranging the construction period reversely, speeding up the construction, and striving for no delay in the project progress of key sections to ensure the overall construction progress of the motor car storage line of Changde station. After the construction is completed, Changde station will have the storage capacity and conditions of motor cars.