Satellite Images of Changde Tourist Attractions Officially Released

Source:常德政府网 Date:2021-05-20 14:15:23 【Fonts:Small Big

May 19th   is the 11th China Tourism Day, with the theme of “Green Development and Better Life”. Changde Basic Geographic Information Center has calibrated domestic Gaofen-2 satellite remote sensing images of tourist attractions in the city and corrected spatial layouts and topography of the tourist attractions are clearly visible.


Sample Map of Liuye Lake  


Sample Map of Chengtou Mountain  

 Changde Basic Geographic Information Center has calibrated satellite images, which possess a resolution of 0.8meters, of Taohuayuan, Liuye Lake, Chengtou Mountain, Taiyang Mountain Forest Park, Jiashan Temple, Huping Mountain and other scenic spots in Changde.  The corrected data can be widely used in the territorial space planning, natural resources monitoring, resident travel navigation, etc. of scenic spots in Changde.