Cao Zhiqiang Investigates Changde New Energy, New  Energy Vehicles, Electronic Information Industry

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On November 10, Cao Zhiqiang, secretary of the CPC Changde Municipal Committee led a team to investigate our city’s new energy, new energy vehicles, and electronic information industry. He stressed that new energy, new energy vehicles, and electronic information industry are emerging industries and sunrise industries, closely related to Changde’s long-term development and future potential. It is of great importance to make in-depth study and implement the guiding principles of the 20th National Congress of the CPC, strengthen confidence, focus on key areas, and act with precision to promote the integrated development of the two major industries with long-term and unremitting efforts, and make new and greater contributions to the building of New Changde socialist modernization. Zhou Zhenyu, deputy secretary of CPC Changde Municipal Committee and mayor, participated in the survey.


Team Led by Cao Zhiqiang Visit

Hunan Jinkang Photoelectric Co., LTD

Cao Zhiqiang and Zhou Zhenyu l visited Leimu Electronics, Kunyu New Energy, Shengmeida Electric Motor, Jinkang Optoelectronics, Xiangya Changde Hospital Photovoltaic Power Generation and other enterprises for on-site investigation, held a symposium to listen to the report on the development of our city’s new energy, new energy vehicles, and electronic information industry, and make research on working plans and measures of the next step to accelerate the development and growth of the two industries.


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