Zhou Zhenyu Presides over the Municipal Promotion Meeting on Optimizing Business Environment

Source:常德政府网 Date:2022-11-09 10:05:10 【Fonts:Small Big

On November 8, Zhou Zhenyu, deputy secretary of the CPC Changde Municipal Committee and mayor, presided over the promotion meeting of optimizing the business environment of the city and promoting the evaluation of the business environment of the whole province in 2022, summarizing the achievements of the previous stage and arranging the work of the next stage. The meeting stressed that Changde should be ready for dutiful fulfillment all the way, go all out and take advantage of the favorable situation to ensure excellent results in the evaluation of the province’s business environment, and speed up the building of a “province-leading and national first-class” business environment.

After listening to the report of relevant departments, Zhou Zhenyu said that this year, all levels and departments of the whole city have insisted on taking the optimization of business environment as the “lifeline project”, vigorously implemented the “special action to improve the quality and efficiency of government affairs”, focused on the reform of work style and optimized the environment, introduced 15 mandatory measures to optimize the business environment, implemented 115 reform measures in Changde Optimizing Business Environment 2022 Edition and effectively put into practice the Notice on Further Tightening Work Style and Discipline to Escort the Business Environment. Consequently, a large number of enterprises and the public were able to address their urgent, difficult, and anxious concerns, which helped make steady and sound progress in economic development, and laid the foundation for meeting the targets and tasks for the year. In general, the work speed, service quality, efficiency improvement, work achievements deserve recognition.


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