22nd Hunan Shimen Citrus Festival Kicks Off

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On November 7, the 22nd Hunan Shimen Citrus Festival kicked off in Xiangjia Tangerine Modern Intelligent Optimization Factory. The opening ceremony of the Citrus Festival, with the theme of “Resisting Drought, Stabilizing Development & Improving Quality for the Future”, is hosted by the CPC Shimen County Committee and Shimen County People’s Government.

This event released “Double Ten Policies”, involving ten policies to promote the high-quality development of the citrus industry and ten policies to promote the high-quality development of the tea industry in Shimen County. Merchants from all over the country signed the purchase and sale agreement of Shimen citrus. During the festival, the organizers will also hold a symposium on the high-quality development of the citrus industry, organize activities such as live-streaming sales to help farmers, and make full efforts in the production, processing, circulation, sales and other links of agricultural products to comprehensively promote industrial transformation and upgrading and improve quality and efficiency.

Now, the citrus planting area of Shimen County has reached 450,000 mu, which makes it the largest production and export base of early maturing satsuma in China. Shimen County has won the reputation of the Hometown of Citrus in China, the First County of Early Maturing Satsuma in China, and the National Demonstration Area of Quality and Safety of Export Food and Agricultural Products. The brand value of Shimen Citrus exceeds 2.4 billion yuan. Shimen citrus sells well throughout the country and has been exported for 54 consecutive years.


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