Vice Mayor Yang Chengying Dispatches Work on Shimenqiao Expressway Junction

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On November 1st, Changde Municipal Government held a dispatching meeting for the hidden danger control work of Shimenqiao Expressway Junction. Vice Mayor Yang Chengying attended the meeting and gave a speech.

The hidden dangers and risks of Shimeniqiao Expressway Junction were reported in the meeting. Difficulties in hidden danger treatment were analyzed and ideas and measures for the treatment were proposed.

Vice Mayor Yang listened to the rectification suggestions from Changde Municipal Transportation Bureau, Changde Detachment of Hunan Provincial Expressway Police and other departments, as well as the ideas from three expressway management companies. Yang fully affirmed the work that had been done at the previous stage and pointed out that safety is the basis for stability and development. Shimenqiao Expressway Junction is known to be an accident-prone section. All relevant departments should attach great importance to the rectification of hidden dangers to secure safety. It is necessary to practice the concept of “people first, life first” with practical actions, and define the governance responsibility. The work should be carried out under the general coordination of the Municipal Traffic Safety Committee Office and the Municipal Transportation Bureau, and under the guidance of the Changde Detachment of the Provincial Expressway Police. Relevant enterprises should implement the main responsibility of governance, and report to higher authority timely. The work should combine short-term optimization with long-term governance. At the same time, it is necessary to clarify the responsibility of later management and maintenance, and cooperate to establish a long-term mechanism for hidden danger control of the expressway, so as to completely eliminate potential safety hazards.


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