Changde Completes the Inspection on Structure Safety of Self-built Commercial Housing

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On October 31st, Team 7 of Hunan Provincial Special Working Group on structure safety rectification and evaluation of self-built housing arrived in Changde to carry out the second stage of evaluation. Vice Mayor Guo Bixun and heads of the relevant departments attended the meeting on special rectification for the safety of self-built houses. At the meeting Team 7 fully affirmed the job of the city during the first phase. Changde took the lead in achieving a 100% structure safety appraisal rate on self-built commercial houses in the province.

After the first phase of the evaluation work, Changde Municipal Party Committee and Changde Municipal Government earnestly implemented the consolidation and improvement requirements of the “Hundred-Day Action”, and continued to deepen the work of “looking back” on the city’s self-built houses. So far, 1,377,164 self-built houses have been checked in the city. Among them, 48,911 are for business, the appraisal rate of which achieved 100%. The overall rectification rate of those houses reached 94%, and the rate in key regions 100%.

Team 7 highly phrased the work of the city after the completion of the first phase of the task. In the next four days, the team will be divided into three groups to evaluate the work of each district/county (city) again.

Vice Mayor Guo said that Changde will further focus on the key points to scientifically implement the jobs on people’s livelihood to properly handle issues, on mechanisms to work effectively in a long term, and on public opinion to positively guide, so as to comprehensively complete the rectification task, and achieve the organic unity of management and safety.


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