Vice Mayor Zhou Daihui Supervises the Construction of a National Civilized City

Source:常德政府网 Date:2022-11-03 06:30:17 【Fonts:Small Big

On November 1st, Vice Mayor Zhou Daihui led a team to supervise the work on the establishment of a national civilized city.

Vice Mayor Zhou and his delegation successively visited No. 1 Primary School, Changde Jiashu School, Weimenkou Primary School, Beizhengjie Primary School of Wuling District, Shanjuan Middle School and Chunlei International Training School of Dingcheng District. He supervised the management of the safety hazards around the campuses and that of residential communities on campuses.

Zhou emphasized that the school is an important exhibition window of urban civilization, and all relevant units should strictly follow the standards of the evaluation system for building a national civilized city. The units should adhere to problem-orientation, strengthen departmental linkage, rectify problems in place, and establish a long-term mechanism. It is necessary to clarify the main body responsibilities, actively coordinate and cooperate, strictly supervise the implementation, and ensure the success of the work.


Translator: Guo Weifeng

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