Gas Station Staff Rush to Put out Fire

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-10-30 12:40:07 【Fonts:Small Big

  On October 26, spontaneous combustion took place in a tanker vehicle carrying edible oil in the Anxiang Service Area of Changde Branch of CNPC. The gas station staff there quickly put out the fire.

    At 10 am., a tanker vehicle full of cooking oil drove into the Anxiang service area for a break, suddenly the tire burst into flames. The manager of the service area, Zeng Juanhua witnessed the accident and immediately called staff to pick up the fire extinguisher, rushing to put out the fire within one minute. In order to prevent the fire from being rekindled, Zeng Juanhua also poured water on the tires and brake discs several times to cool them down to confirm the final safety.

    The reason why the gas station staff responded so quickly and disposed properly to danger is closely related to the strengthening of safety production management and emergency plan drill by the Changde Branch of CNPC. Since September, the company has entered the period of heightened regulatory vigilance, during which, the 24-hour on-duty system, the dual prevention mechanism, safety training and emergency practice were carried out, so as to improve the emergency response ability of employees and contribute to the creation of a safe society.


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