Changde Holds Forum for Key Enterprises to Be Listed

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On October 20, Changde held a forum for key enterprises which are to be listed, analyzing the situation, locating problems and deploying the next step for the work of those enterprises. Vice Mayor Tan Ding attended the meeting and made a speech.

At the symposium, the key enterprises, such as Feiwo Technology and Kangpu Pharmaceutical, reported on the production and operation of enterprises; and the brokerage firms reported on the progress of listing with the municipal units and counties (cities) responding to the problems of enterprises one by one.

Tan Ding pointed out that since this year, Changde's enterprise listing work has been promoted in an orderly manner, with effective measures and noticeable fruits. For the next section of the enterprise listing work, he stressed that, first, we should recognize the situation and actively seize the policy opportunities. This year, the provincial party committee and the provincial government comprehensively have carried out the "Golden Lotus" leap action for listing enterprises, sending all-round support for their listing development. The municipal government has issued a series of policies and clear incentives, which usher in a policy dividend period for enterprises to go public. Entrepreneurs should tightly grasp and make good use of the existing policy opportunity windows to leverage the capital market and achieve a leapfrog development of enterprises. Second, we should optimize the proposal and make every effort to enhance support. Departments at all levels should strengthen the precise services, adhere to the principle of "Zero Disturbance and Zero Lag", optimize the workflow. With precise assistance, related institutes should effectively solve the problems of enterprise development. Thirdly, we should have firm confidence and effectively accelerate the pace of listing. The key enterprises to be listed should have firm confidence in development and plan all stages of listing; they should practice their internal strength, strengthen their main business and enhance the competitiveness of the product market; they should combine the actual situation of the enterprises and precisely choose the path of listing.


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