Government Leaders Visit Enterprises to Lessen Anxiety and Boost Confidence

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-10-25 09:25:06 【Fonts:Small Big

On the morning of Oct. 19, Vice Mayor Tan Ding led a team to conduct field research on enterprises in Changde High-tech Zone and carried out actions to lesson their anxiety and help boost confidence.

Tan Ding and his entourage visited the backbone industrial enterprises Changde Furong Tobacco Re-baking Co. Ltd , Guoli Transformer Co.Ltd of Changde, Changde Water Meter Manufacture Co. Ltd. The leaders listened to the history of their business, future plan, policy implementation and their current issues. The leaders also visited the production front line, paying full attention to their current situation in production, marketing, research and development, employment, supply and etc., sending sincere regards and help from the Changde Municipal Government to the persons in charge of the enterprises, encouraging the enterprises to build up confidence and further develop their businesses.

Tan Ding affirmed the determination and confidence of enterprises in overcoming difficulties and maintain stable development in the face of multiple difficulties such as economic pressure and complex changes in the epidemic. He stressed that the next step is to establish a long-term mechanism of "sending policies, solving problems and providing excellent services" to further implement the policies for enterprises; to help serving enterprises as the coral theme, to implement a series of national and provincial and municipal policies and initiatives as the main line, to hold on to the key of stable market, to stand from the perspective of " sending warmth and help to benefit enterprise", encouraging the promotion of priority use of Changde products, boosting the confidence of enterprise development, driving enterprise innovation and development, and forging a normal long-term relieving effect for enterprises.

Translator: Wu Yangyue

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