116 Students Honored as “Good Youth of the New Era” 2022 in Changde

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-10-22 19:15:58 【Fonts:Small Big

In the afternoon of October 21, a ceremony was held on the shore of Liuye Lake to honor 116 students in Changde City as “Good Youth of the New Era” for the year 2022.

In order to thoroughly implement the requirements of “cultivating the new generation who will shoulder the mission of national rejuvenation”, fostering and practicing the core socialist values, and helping juniors “fasten the first button of life”, the Municipal Civilization Office and the Municipal Education Bureau jointly organized the 2022 annual Changde City “Good Youth of the New Era” work including selection, studying and publicity activities. After recommendation level by level, organizational inspection, comprehensive evaluation, social publicity and other procedures, 116 students of Changde City have been awarded 2022 “Good Youth of the New Era” honorary title.

In the ceremony, delegate of the “Good Youth of the New Era” won the crystal trophy and honorary certificate. Sixth-grade students Zhang Yuteng from Beizhengjie Hengda Huafu Primary School of Wuling District, on behalf of all the winners, read out the initiative to be “civilized to be a model”, calling on everyone to travel with manners and strive to be civilized campaigner .


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