Municipal Leaders Dispatch Rural Revitalization Work in Yunpangshan Village

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-10-21 15:35:52 【Fonts:Small Big

On the morning of October 18, Gong Dehan, former vice mayor of the municipal government, convened relevant units to study and dispatch the work of rural revitalization in Yunpangshan Village.

Gong Dehan pointed out that the rural revitalization work of Yunpangshan Village has achieved certain results, but the synergy among the city, county, town and relevant departments has not yet been formed, and the advancement of some work was obviously lagging behind. In the next step, all relevant departments at all levels should implement the spirit of the 20th CPC National Congress, focus on the goal of creating excellence in Yunpangshan Village, and stay focused on six tasks: the construction of the main road of the village, raising funds and bidding for the early start of the project; the construction of happy houses and beautiful courtyards, carry out demonstrations, introduce incentive policies, and strive to carry out work with characteristics and highlights; the construction of high-standard farmland, improve the infrastructure, do a good job in industrial support; do well in the industrial development work, play the unique geographical advantage, liaison with Wyndham Grand Hyatt Hot Spring Resort Hotel, carry out large-scale planting of organic, ecological, environmentally friendly vegetables and fruits, and develop leisure agriculture; the rural habitat environment improvement work by cleaning the village, and beautifying the houses; the village collective economic development work. The “two committees” of the village should follow the concept of business, adopt the shareholding system, use cooperatives and other forms to grow the collective economy of the village.


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