Emergency Teleconference Held on Forest Fire Prevention in Changde

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-10-20 14:50:44 【Fonts:Small Big

On the evening of October 18, after the provincial emergency teleconference on forest fire prevention, Zhou Zhenyu, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, immediately hosted the city’s forest fire prevention emergency teleconference.

Zhou Zhenyu stressed at the meeting, great importance should be attached first and the city should always maintain a high degree of vigilance and be ready for “wartime” state, strengthen the patrol and inspection, plan and deploy the forest fire prevention team in a scientific way, enhance people’s awareness of the fire, build a solid forest fire barrier. Measures should be firmly implemented, to improve the work of the special forces. All the offices of Forest Prevention in the city at all levels need to mobilize their best and strongest personnel, strengthen the responsibility while on duty and schedule information properly; to resolutely implement the provincial forest prevention guidelines 2022 Forest Fire Order; to strictly control the use of man-made fire; and forest public security organs must perform their duties effectively to solve forest fire cases, adhere to the policy that “fire case must be solved”, conduct severe punishment according to the law. Emergency rescue forces, from now on, including the municipal emergency rescue teams, equipment and rescue forces will go to the frontline and stay at grassroots. The districts and counties (cities) should also send their emergency forces to the front line. The responsibility should be firmly compacted, to implement regular scheduling interviews. The city of forest fires (office) need to follow the whole process of supervision, schedule interviews and talks when there is fire in a district or county (city); to send on-site inspection team, and the relevant departments to deploy personnel to form a supervisory group, to the districts and counties (city) to carry out open inspections and visits, to supervise the implementation of the provincial government’s forest fire prevention decisions and eight categorical measures, participate in any sudden forest fire fighting nearby and give guidance, to follow the system of accountability on the spot and find out who is to blame or who is not working properly.

Chen Aixi, secretary-general of the municipal government, participated in the meeting.


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