Zhou Zhenyu Dispatches the Progress of Provincial and Municipal Key Projects

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On the afternoon of October 10th, Zhou Zhenyu, deputy secretary of CPC Changde Municipal Committee and mayor, presided over the provincial and municipal key project construction scheduling meeting to analyze and solve the outstanding problems existing in the current provincial and municipal key project construction and better promote the project construction and development. He stressed that we should further focus our attention, take well-targeted steps and make concerted efforts to ensure the stability of the overall economic market through the steady project investment and the progress of economic development through the project investment, in order to ensure the smooth completion of the annual target tasks.


On the Spot of the Dispatching Meeting

At the meeting, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission reported the current investment and the construction of key projects. From January to August, the investment in fixed assets in our city increased by 10.7%, 2.7 percentage points higher than the provincial average level. There were 238 projects newly introduced, 93 newly started and 31 newly put into production, worth more than 100 million yuan respectively. The investment in 46 provincial key construction projects reached 24.675 billion yuan, accounting for 80.65% of the annual plan. The investment in 225 municipal key construction projects reached 64.977 billion yuan, accounting for 80.6% of the annual plan, which was in line with expectations and better than in previous years.


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