Zhou Zhenyu Presides over West Dongting Lake Irrigation Project Planning and Scheduling Meeting

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On the afternoon of October 8th, Zhou Zhenyu, deputy secretary of CPC Changde Municipal Committee and mayor, presided over the planning and dispatching meeting of West Dongting Lake irrigation area project, listened to the report on the planning of West Dongting Lake irrigation area project, and made research and deployment on related work.


On the Spot of the Dispatching Meeting

At the meeting, the relevant departments reported the West Dongting Lake irrigation project planning progress. According to the introduction, the construction of the West Dongting Lake irrigation project is conducive to laying a solid foundation for national food security, helping to comprehensively improve the quality of rural infrastructure and rural revitalization.

Zhou Zhenyu pointed out that planning and promoting the West Dongting Lake irrigation project is not only a need to ensure food security, but also a need to ensure water security and improve the water ecological environment. It is also a need to consolidate and expand the achievement of poverty alleviation and effectively connect with rural revitalization. He required in-depth research, full demonstration of the feasibility of the project construction, and a comprehensive understanding of the water conservancy projects in the area, water resources distribution and other conditions. It’s necessary to do scientific planning, plan the spending, and strive to achieve dynamic balance of input and output. It is also necessary to strengthen the report to and linkage with relevant national and provincial departments, actively seek support from higher authorities, and ensure that the project is included in the national and provincial water safety guarantee planning package. Zhou Zhenyu also stressed that it is important to strengthen the guarantee of manpower, funds and services, and go all out to promote project planning and construction.


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