Changde Carries out 2022 "National Reading - Green Bookmark" Demonstration Campaign

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On September 23, 2022 "National Reading - Green Bookmarks" demonstration Campaign started at the Xinhua Bookstore's Xia Nan Men store. Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee Member and Minister of Municipal Party Committee Publicity Department Peng Xiandan attended and launched the ceremony in the form of a scroll to start a new phase of the "National Reading - Green Bookmark" campaign.

The event issued an initiative to the people in Changde, advocating green reading, staying away from and resisting illegal publications and promoting reading for all residents, encouraging people to turn reading into a daily habit. The campaign pays attention to “seedling”, “kindling” and “guarding” for the healthy growth of young people, since reading lights up wisdom, and the charm of books nurtures the soul.

It is understood that since the launch of the eighth Changde Reading Festival in April this year, the "mobile library" "mobile nursery post" have been set up in government offices, schools and villages. So far we have had 83 reading activities held, attracting more than 1,000 families to participate in on-site activities. Online promotion of the entire network of reading views reached more than 2 million. Reading has become a process of "reading books, reading people, reading our hometown", which is deeply rooted in people's hearts in a vivid and interesting way.

The campaign is directed by the Publicity Department of the CPC Changde Municipal Committee, Changde Municipal Press and Publication Bureau, and coordinated by the Municipal Organ Working Committee, Municipal Education Bureau, Municipal Federation of Trade Unions, Municipal Youth League Committee, Municipal Women's Federation, Publicity Department of Wuling District Committee, Publicity Department of Dingcheng District Committee, Changde Mobile Company, Municipal Public Transportation Company, and organized by Changde Daily News and Municipal Xinhua Bookstore.


Translator: Wu Yangyue

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