The Research Group of the Provincial Committee of the Youth League Investigates Young Talents Work in Changde 

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-09-21 14:50:16 【Fonts:Small Big

Recently, Xia Binhua, deputy secretary of the Provincial Committee of the Youth League, went to Changde to research community youth campaign and young talents work.

Xia Binghua pointed out that we should actively explore the working mechanism, focus on enhancing the contribution of the Communist Youth League organizations to participate in grass-roots social governance, and effectively promote the reform of the grass-roots Communist Youth League organizations in the county. Advantages of the League’s organizational and social mobilization should be maximized, social forces should be actively mobilized to participate in community governance, joint camp of the online platform and offline front should be strengthened. Projects should be introduced to satisfy the party and government needs and to meet people’s expectations. Sincere services are to be provided for young people. Officers should take the initiative to think about what young people want, think about the urgent needs of young people, and strive to find the solution to their problems in various aspects of employment and entrepreneurship, marriage and dating. Xia also requests to fully rely on the resources and channels given by the party, work creatively in accordance with the characteristics and laws of the work of the Communist Youth League, so that the youth can feel the warmth and care of the party organization. It is necessary to focus on the main responsibility of the Communist Youth League, in the practice of education to provide ideological and political guidance for the young people, to unite and lead the majority to become the young people with ideal and responsibility who can bear hardships and are willing to struggle for a new era.


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