Research Team of the Provincial Key Construction Project Affairs Center Investigates Changde

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On September 15, Wu Guangjun, director of the provincial key construction project affairs center, led a team to Changde to investigate the construction of Changde station buildings, municipal facilities and Changde bullet train storage lines. Tang Zuoguo, vice chairman of the CPPCC and deputy secretary of the Party group, and Liu Zheng, deputy general manager of Huai Shaoheng Railway Company participated in the investigation.

Wu Guangjun and his team came to Changde station train storage line, Changde station house, South Square construction site for research, and listened to the relevant aspects of the report.

Changde Station is the rendezvous station of two high-speed railway channels, Xiamen-Chongqing and Hohhot-Nanning, with a station building area of 60,000 square meters, a station scale of 9 units and 20 lines, including 5 units and 11 lines in the high-speed railway yard and 4 units and 9 lines in the general railway yard, adopting the elevated and line-side waiting mode of “up-in and down-out”, and the architectural scheme of “Wuling Prospers, Peach Blossoms Bloom”. The construction of the project started in September 2021. At present, the steel structure construction of the south station building has been completed, and the decoration and electromechanical installation are underway. It is expected that the decoration and curtain wall construction of the south station building will be completed in November and put into use at the end of the year simultaneously with the Changde-Yiyang-Changsha high-speed railway, and the north station building (general railway yard) will be put into use in June 2023.


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