Hunan Province’s “Sword Action” Special Inspector Group Stationed in Changde

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On the afternoon of September 14, the second ecological environmental protection inspector group of Hunan Province was officially stationed in Changde, and held a special inspection forum of the “Sword Action” for Changde to prevent and solve the ecological and environmental risks and dangers (hereinafter referred to as “Sword Action”). Vice Mayor Guo Bixun attended the meeting and made a speech.

On the morning, Hunan Province officially launched the 2022 special inspection of the province’s “Sword Action” to prevent and resolve potential ecological and environmental risks. The special inspector of the “Sword Action” has set up a total of 4 inspection teams to conduct on-site inspections on the Party committees and governments of 14 cities and states in the province for about 10 days.

The second provincial ecological environmental protection inspectorate requires Changde to attach great importance to the problems found in the “Sword Action”, establish mechanisms, correct them while supervising, and make immediate improvements to effectively resolve regional ecological and environmental risks and hazards. Changde should strictly prohibit simple and crude acts such as emergency shutdown to cope with special inspectors, as well as perfunctory response practices such as “all shutdown”, and resolutely put an end to the “one-size-fits-all” rectification of outstanding ecological and environmental problems. After the completion of the special inspectors, rectification plans should be formulated according to the feedback and reported as required.

Guo Bixun reported about Changde’s “Sword Action” work, and analyzed the current problems. He stated that Changde will actively cooperate with the special inspectors, make an in-depth investigation and rectification of problems, constantly increase law enforcement publicity, and comprehensively strengthen the emergency disposal capacity, so that the investigation should be investigated, leaving no dead ends. It is necessary to put an end to perfunctory rectification and risk control which is loose and unrealistic, to ensure that the city’s ecological and environmental security situation continues to be stable.


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