Sunny and Cloudy Weather Continues in the Coming Week with No Significant Rainfall

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On September 12, the reporter learned from the Municipal Meteorological Bureau that it is expected that the city will be dominated by sunny and cloudy weather next week, with no obvious rainfall.

The latest weather forecast shows that the daily maximum temperature in Changde from September 13 to 16 will remain at 32 to 35 ° C, and the maximum temperature from 17 to 19 may rise to about 37 ° C. Affected by the continued low rainfall, there will be a “continuous summer and autumn drought”.

Meteorological experts reminded that the precipitation is low and the drought continues. It is necessary to scientifically respond to the “continuous drought in summer and autumn”, strengthen water storage, conservation and scientific water use, and carry out artificial rain enhancement operations in a timely manner under the condition of ensuring safety. Dry weather raises the possibility of forest fire, so it is necessary to strengthen the control of fire sources; the temperature difference between morning and evening is big, so everyone should pay attention to changing clothes to ward off colds.


Specific Forecast

13th: Cloudy between sunny days, north wind level 2-3, 24-34°C;

14th: cloudy and sunny, north wind level 2-3, 24-32 ℃;

15th: cloudy and sunny day, north wind level 2~3, 23~33℃;

16th: Sunny and partly cloudy;

17-18th: Cloudy with sunny days;

19th: Sunny to cloudy.


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