2022 National Cybersecurity Week Youth Day Held in Changde

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On the morning of September 9, Changde 2022 National Cybersecurity Week Youth Day was successfully held in Hunan Applied Technology University.

This activity is sponsored by the Municipal Committee of the Youth League and aims to better publicize network security regulations, popularize network security knowledge, enhance the network security awareness of the general public, especially the youth, and guide the whole society to build a network security defense line. Changde Branch of China Unicom Co. network security engineering experts were invited to make on-site lectures. With the topic of “5G application development and network use security”, the expert cited cases and talked about prevention, detailing the multiple network security challenges faced by the development of 5G applications and the methods to effectively maintain network security.

At the activity site, everyone watched the network security publicity film, publicity panels, read the publicity manual, and further understand the achievements of network civilization construction and network security knowledge in Changde in recent years. “As a student in college, I think such publicity is necessary, for it can make us recognize many network traps, and I will also pass on what I learned today to the people around me.” Wu of Hunan Applied Technology University said that the activities have benefited him. “The content of the handbook on preventing telecom network fraud is so useful, and it helps us to distinguish many fraudulent means on the Internet.” Peng said.


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