Municipal Leaders Lead a Team to Zhejiang, Shanghai for Investment Promotion Investigation

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-09-11 12:40:47 【Fonts:Small Big

From September 5 to 7, deputy mayor Tan Ding led a team to Zhejiang Province, Shanghai and other places to carry out investment promotion activities, visit some enterprises on the spot, and discuss cooperation on related projects.

Shanghai United Equity Exchange (hereinafter referred to as Shanghai Stock Exchange) is a wholly state-owned company managed by Shanghai State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission. It is a specialized market platform integrating trading business of equity, real right, debt, intellectual property and financing business of capital increase and share increase. During the discussion, Zhou Xiaoquan, Party secretary and chairman of the board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, introduced the overall situation of the company and put forward specific matters for cooperation with Changde in the next stage. Tan Ding said that the market-oriented operation of the Shanghai Stock Exchange is worth learning and hoped that it will provide guidance and platform for Changde on the marketization of resources trading, and support the investment promotion of Changde funds and the listing of enterprises. Qianxun SI Network Co., Ltd. is a spatial-intelligent infrastructure company based on the basic positioning data of the Beidou Satellite System. During the investigation, Li Geyang, vice president of the company, introduced the company’s situation and the project to be invested in Changde in detail. Tan Ding said that Qianxun SI is in a leading position in the industry and has adapted to the needs of social and economic development. He hoped that both sides can carry out cooperation and discussion on urban service terminals.


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