Municipal Leaders Dispatch the Work of Changde Autumn Flight Routes

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-09-09 15:55:22 【Fonts:Small Big

    On September 7, Vice Mayor Yang Chengying summoned the relevant persons in charge of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Municipal Finance Bureau, Municipal Bureau of Culture, Tourism and Sports, Municipal Airline Office,Taohuyuan Airport, Changde Tianhe Airlines and other units to dispatch the work of autumn airline in Changde.

   The meeting briefed on the operation of flight routes in 2022 and conducted data analysis. From January to August, the passenger throughput of Taohuyuan Airport ranked the second in the province and the 96th in the country. Taohuayuan Airport is the only regional airport that provided uninterrupted flight service in the province in the first half of the year. The participants communicated with each other on route development and passenger flow expansion in the second half of the year. Yang Chen ying pointed out that more attention should be paid to the work of the airline and put the work of the airline in an important position to grasp. Focus should be on the following problems, including being far from the assessment indicators, insufficient passenger flights, inadequate airport infrastructure,and impractical work. Corresponding targeted measures should be taken to ensure their effectiveness. The route should be further optimized and the expansion of the market deepened. It is also necessary to further improve the airport supporting facilities, improve the service quality, and promote the high-quality development of Changde airline work.


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