Changde Achievements Shine in the First Hunan Model Workers and Craftsmen Innovation Exhibition

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-09-06 09:15:10 【Fonts:Small Big

From September 2 to 5, the First Hunan Model Workers and Craftsmen Innovation Exhibition was held in Changsha International Convention Center, showcasing the innovation achievements of craftsmen from 14 cities, autonomous prefectures, provincial directly affiliated trade union and large enterprises in the province. Changde Pavilion adopts the design concept of “City in the Peach Blossom Land” as a whole, showcasing the innovative achievements of outstanding representatives of model workers and craftsmen from all walks of life in Changde, as well as the brilliant achievements of innovation and development of enterprises.

The Changde Exhibition Hall is divided into 8 exhibition areas, including guidance, tobacco machinery, precision machinery, textile machinery, biological medicine, food processing, intangible cultural heritage exhibition, and Changde sixian (silk string) exhibition, attracting many visitors. In the form of naked eye 3D video, Changdeguan also shows the development and the whole process of operation of the 73-meter-long boom pump truck of the world’s Five Bridges produced by Hunan Xanjer Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. This equipment is the longest boom pump truck of the world's Five Bridges at present, and will be widely used in various construction projects. In addition, Fu Guoqiang, a Hunan model worker and operator from metalworking workshop processing center of Changde Tobacco Machinery Co., Ltd., and Yu Linping, a Changde model worker, and the fifth generation inheritor of Taoyuan embroidery, introduced their “ingenuity products”.


Translator: Ding Yaling

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