Gaoqiao Village in Linli County Selected as Beautiful Leisure Village of China

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-09-05 09:25:17 【Fonts:Small Big

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Areas released the list of 2021 Beautiful Leisure Villages ofChina. 254 villages were listed after procedures of selection and recommendation by provinces, expert review and online publicity, including Gaoqiao Village in Xiumei Town, Linli County of Changde.

Gaoqiao Village is the fourth one in Changde to win the title. In recent years, the city has taken the implementation of leisure agriculture and rural tourism boutique projects as the starting point, actively carried out the construction of leisure agriculture development demonstration villages and leisure agriculture demonstration farms, vigorously promoted leisure agriculture boutique scenic spots and boutique tourism routes, comprehensively promoted the upgrading and development of leisure tourism in beautiful villages, and formed a multi-dimension pattern of synchronous promotion. By the end of 2021, the number of leisure agriculture business entities in the city had grown to 934. In 2021, leisure agriculture industry received 26.04 million people, an increase of 5.31 percent, and reached an operating income of 4.435 billion Yuan, an increase of 6.89 percent.


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