City Leaders Investigate Rural Revitalization Work in Tuanjie Village of Anxiang County

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On August 30, Ji Ronghua, political commissar of Changde Military Sub-district, convening backing units and relevant functional departments of the city, went to Anxiang County to hold a scheduling meeting for the 2022 rural revitalization work of Tuanjie Village in Guandang Town.

Ji Ronghua visited the service center and photovoltaic power station for research and listened to the report on the village’s rural revitalization work.

Tuanjie Village now has an arable land area of more than 8,000 mu (about 533.3 hectares) and an aquaculture area of more than 1,800 mu (120 hectares), with villagers’ income mainly from farming. Since 2021, the village has formulated and adopted a three-year development plan for rural revitalization, further improving the construction of street lights, farm irrigation pumping stations, farm ditches and other infrastructure. To strengthen the economy and increase income, the village has built a 100-kilowatt photovoltaic power station, which can bring about 60,000 yuan of income to the village each year; more than ten acres of land have been transferred to grow allium chinense as a food example.

To further improve the work of rural revitalization in Tuanjie Village, Ji Ronghua stressed that the implementation of rural revitalization strategy is a major decision and deployment. The backing units and relevant departments should effectively raise their political status, take the initiative and do their best. They should seize the focus of work, keep the bottom line of preventing return to poverty, promote industrial development, grasp the infrastructure construction and strengthen the leadership of the Party. They should also adhere to pragmatic and realistic attitude, implement the main responsibility and financial responsibility in the work, strengthen organizational leadership to ensure that the work is put into practice and achieve effective results.


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