Change’s Two Pollution Control Projects Win 32 Million Funding Support from the National Budget

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-08-28 08:50:37 【Fonts:Small Big

Recently, Hunan Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the investment plan of the national budget of the special project of pollution control and energy saving and carbon reduction (pollution control direction) in 2022. Two projects, including the renovation of rainwater and sewage diversion in Hanshou County’s Hua Mulan district and the construction of a household waste sorting and recycling collection and transfer system in Taoyuan County, received a total fund of 32 million yuan from the budget.

 The rainwater and sewage diversion transformation project in Hanshou County’s Hua Mulan district will build 1,472 meters of new surface drainage channels, 2,044 meters of rainwater pipe network, 12,654 meters of sewage pipe network, a new set of integrated treatment equipment with a disposal capacity of 300 tons per day, and 4,000 cubic meters of supporting dredging. The construction project of Taoyuan County’s household garbage sorting and recycling collection and transfer system will build 15 garbage sorting and recycling transfer stations, supporting the construction of water, electricity, fire-fighting, roads, greening and other projects. It will purchase 30 garbage collection vehicles, 80 sets of garbage compression and transfer equipment (sets), 7 dirt-absorbing vehicles, 4,000 sets of sorting garbage bins and 160 garbage sorting and collecting buckets. After the completion of the project, the daily scale of each station is 30 tons per day.

The Municipal Development and Reform Commission said that in the next step the construction of pollution control projects will be further taken as an opportunity to promote the construction of ecological civilization, and actively seek project funding to make up for the shortcomings of pollution control infrastructure and help prevent and control pollution.


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