Government Leaders Investigate the Construction of Rural Revitalization Demonstration Area in Ludi Mountain Town of Wuling District

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-08-25 14:30:05 【Fonts:Small Big

On the morning of August 24, Xu Yongjian, member of the standing committee of the municipal party committee and executive vice mayor, went to Ludi Mountain Town of Wuling District to investigate the construction work of rural revitalization demonstration.

The group visited and researched in Yongchuntang Bioscience Technology Ltd of Changde., Zongzhi Agricultural Industrial Park, Huang Ai Village Tianjing Port renovation project and Huang Ai Martyr's life story showroom .

Xu Yongjian requested that all relevant departments at all levels should raise their ideological awareness and solidly promote the construction of rural revitalization demonstration areas in accordance with the policy of "prosperous industry, ecological livability, civilized countryside, effective governance and affluent living". It should made clear the target positioning in order to do a good job in the industrial development, based on their own advantages and characteristics, and promote the integrated development of the first, second and the tertiary industries according to local conditions. In the construction of village (residence), we should make full use of good policies, conduct planning efficiently, compete for funds and attract projects, fully mobilize the masses. With coordination and efforts, we can continuously improve the rural living environment and civilization level. We should do a good job in the rural governance along with strengthening the leadership of party building, and make efforts to cultivate a group of rural revitalization. Tradition revolutionary education should be taken seriously, dug deeply by sorting out and utilizing the red historical resources of the demonstration area, and add more elements of Changde to the red bloodline of Hunan. We should make every effort to prevent and control risks, and keep the bottom line of poverty prevention, epidemic prevention and control, fund management, safe development and social stability.

Subsequently, Xu Yongjian and his entourage also went to the Majiaji River to carry out river patrol, and conducted research on drought relief work in Shigongmiao


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