Shimenqiao Town Empowered Rural Revitalization by Building a "Clean and Incorruptible Village"

Source:常德市政府网 Date:2022-08-27 11:35:18 【Fonts:Small Big

  Recently, at Zhaojiaqiao Village, Shimenqiao Town of Changde Economic Development Zone, in order to construct a "clean and incorruptible village", the village committee held informal talks with the representatives of the villagers on the design of the second phase of the House of Happiness project. Representatives gave their opinions and asked whether the plan can be modified or not if the design is not practical or does not go well with the village.

This year, informal talks were held in Shimenqiao Town, in order to construct a "clean and incorruptible village" and and achieve rural revitalization, thus to build a beautiful livable village. By doing so, the villagers took part in and supervise the construction unconsciously, giving advice and suggestion. At the same time, the corruption-free government was publicized by vivid illustration at town-level.

Putting the "reception table " at the "doorstep" is a big step to promote the corruption-free village affairs. Informal talks are good to communicate face to face with the villagers, listening to and collecting their ideas, and subject to their supervision. Next, Shimenqiao Town would consolidate the achievements of the  "clean and incorruptible village" construction, injecting " corruption-free " power for the rural revitalization.


Translator: Xiong Linfang

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