2, 000 Students Funded in the 2022 “Raising Hope - Civil Affairs Scholarship” Project

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the conference

     On the afternoon of August 17, the 2022 Changde City “Raising Hope - Civil Affairs Scholarship” and Taoyuan County Public Welfare Scholarship Award Conference was held. Municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, Vice Mayor Chen Zhangjie, Vice Mayor, Taoyuan County Party Secretary Pang Bo attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Since its inception in 2003, the “Raising Hope - Civil Affairs Scholarship” public welfare project has awarded a total of 130 million yuan in scholarships, helping 34,000 students in need to fulfill their dreams. Under the leadership of the municipal government, the project has continued this year and fully sponsored 2, 000 students from low-income households and poor families for their college and university enrollment. Chen Zhangjie pointed out that the civil affairs departments at all levels should act as the “first responsible person” to ensure that the students from the city’s urban and rural low-income households and poor families to enroll in colleges and universities with complete financial assistance, and increase the financial support for families with expenditure difficulties and students who are de facto unsupported children; to act as the “first informer”, to seriously study the development of specific and effective, practical and feasible help and assistance program, to carry out targeted implementation of the help and assistance measures; to be a good “first helper” through the integration of social resources, the formation of a socialized pattern with the party committee leadership, administrative support, departmental cooperation, and upper and lower linkage.

Pang Bo pointed out that the school conditions and the quality of education in Taoyuan County have been greatly improved. The level of education will be steadily developed in the future. He hoped that the young students would set up ambitious ideals and bear the responsibility of the times; study harder and think more, strive with diligence and pay back to the society with a grateful heart.


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