Zhou Zhenyu Investigates Foreign Trade Work

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On August 12, Zhou Zhenyu, deputy secretary of the Changde Municipal Party Committee and mayor, led the heads of relevant departments to go deep into the city’s ports and some foreign trade enterprises to conduct special research on foreign trade work.


Zhou Zhenyu at Changde Customs


Zhou Zhenyu went to Salt Pass Port, Changde Customs, Changde Chengfa Trading Co., Changde Caixin Supply Chain Co. to learn about the production and operation of enterprises, and made researches on foreign investment and foreign trade work. It is reported that this year, stability has been ensured and progress achieved in the city’s foreign trade work. From January to June, its total imports and exports reached 12.718 billion yuan. As of the end of June, the number of enterprises with foreign trade performance in the city was 216, with a net increase of 27 foreign trade enterprises.

Zhou Zhenyu stressed the need to provide solid services to foreign trade enterprises, readily understand the needs of foreign trade enterprises, solve the difficulties and problems faced by enterprises in the process of production and operation. He required that support and guidance be strengthened, and foreign trade enterprise subsidies and incentives, financial support and other policies be actively implemented. He pointed out it is necessary to accelerate the construction of ports, foreign trade bases and other platforms, effectively reduce logistics costs, and continue to enhance the momentum of foreign trade development.

Chen Aixi, secretary general of the Municipal Government, participated in the investigation.


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